You may be experiencing difficulties at work
You may be experiencing problems in your relationships
You may feel overly anxious
You may find that your life is not what you want it to be
You may feel depressed and don’t know why
You may have had difficult life experiences, childhood,
       traumas big and small

You may question whether you’re straight, gay, bi or trans
You may want to reach new heights, grow deeper,
You may want to understand; your history, your life,
       what makes you special, what you do and why
You may want to heal
You may be grappling with life’s meaning
You may be struggling with matters of the heart

You may want to prepare yourself for surgery
You may want to recover better from one
You may want to give yourself birth again;
       free from what holds you down
You may want to live a life as fulfilling as it can be
        without being burdened by the past

If you do, we can travel together on your journey,
discover your path in a safe space
Willing to discover, release, let go
Understand without judging,
heal gradually but as fully as can be

Go further, see what I am about, whether we might be a good match
Whether you’d like to contact me and meet, go deeper, reach new levels
Have a better life
I am there for you, I am here for you
The next step is up to you.


Roger Saint-Laurent, PsyD, CGP, SEP
Clinical Psychologist
Licensed in the State of New York
Certified Group Psychotherapist
EMDR Therapist
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Relocated to:
Rose Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Somatic Experiencing

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